Tired of Paying High Fuel Prices? Unhappy with your Vehicles Performance? We can help!

Car Re-Mapping Coventry

Sky Blue Garage offer a mobile caar re-mapping service in Coventry, which means we do the travelling so the whole process is of complete convenience to you. We use the very latest and most cutting edge technology available to tune your vehicle in order to improve the performance and economy.

How does it work?

We aim to increase the vehicles power output, torque and fuel consumption. You can choose what you want, either tuning to achieve a quicker more responsive vehicle, tuning to achieve better fuel economy or simply a combination of both.

A very careful process is carried out, which involves adapting your vehicles engine management system via the On Board Diagnostics port and usually takes under an hour from start to finish. We work with one of the biggest and most reliable chip tuning companies in Europe.

All of our files come directly from them where they make and very carefully test the files we use. This then enables us to tune a massive range of vehicles including cars, motorbikes, light commercial, HGV, camper vans and tractors.

What are the benefits of car re-mapping?

The benefits to re-mapping your car is the following:

  1. Up to 35% more BHP
  2. Up to 150 miles more per tank of fuel
  3. Up to 30% more torque
  4. Smoother power delivery across the rev range

Whether it be tuning of your own personal vehicle or a fleet we can offer the service to do this 7 days a week all over the country. Get in touch for a competitive quote today!